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How to Make Your Own Chalk Type Paint

Stop paying for overpriced chalk paint and MAKE YOUR OWN

Today I’m going to let the cat out of the bag and share with you my chalk type paint recipe. I’m going to show you how to make your own chalk for a little as $5.

Make your own Chalk Paint | Cheryl Phan

As a decorative painter for over 17 years, I have used just about every paint, primer, stain wax etc. you can think of. Because I’m in the painting business, and I have to watch my bottom line expenses; I have learned to get creative and figure out what products to use and not use and where I can save money.

Like you I love chalk paint. I love the look and feel of chalk paint, the vintage look and mostly the limited prep. What I don’t like is the cost and the limited color pallet. (If you’re unsure when to use chalk paint in your projects, read this blog here: Oil-based vs Latex vs Chalk Type Paints

Make Your Own Chalk Paint | Cheryl Phan

Let’s face it, chalk paint can cost $40 + for a quart; that’s $160 a gallon. Ouch! The good news is, you can make the same chalk type paint with a $6.98 quart of paint from any hardware store and a few tablespoons of my Magic Chalk Paint Powder. YAY! That’s a huge savings!  Plus by using make-your-own chalk type paint, you can mix exactly the amount you’ll need – eliminating waste and saving money. 

Make Your Own Chalk Paint

Make Your Own Chalk Paint Cost Savings

(Please note, I am only using any flat paint as an example for comparison purposes. You can use any manufacturer’s paint you want)

Make it yourself it’s Easy Peasy!

Make Your Own Chalk Paint Mix:

  • 2 tablespoons of water with 2 tablespoons Magic Powder in a bowl. Mix to a smooth consistency.
  • Add 1 cup flat or matte paint into the mixture. (Any latex or acrylic /water-based paint.)  Stir until smooth.

Voila! You have your own chalk paint. It’s that simple. Look at the beautiful results!

Make Your Own Chalk Paint Cheryl Phan

More Painting Tips:

  1. Add a little water to the brush and then dip it in the chalk paint before applying it to your piece.
  2. Use a fine sanding pad to smooth out burs for a butter smooth finish. (Another money saving tip, if you don’t have any sandpaper use a brown paper bag.)

This Magic Powder is amazing. It mixes easily and you can get the exact color chalk paint you want. Plus it can be stored for up to a year. Just store in a sealed container and stir when you open. It can also make it into chalkboard paint by simply doubling the amount of powder for the same amount of paint. Be sure to check out the powder in my Online Shop.

Get a FREE Magic Powder sample with your order of two paint brushes. Use code MAGICPOWDER. Get your FREE sample HereBest Paint Brushes Cheryl Phan

Looking for an exceptional brush that doesn’t leave brush marks? Here are My Top 3 Paint Brushes I use for all my chalk paint projects. For an extra smooth finish, only use a good brush to eliminate brush marks.

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How to Make you Own Chalk Paint | Furniture Painting Tips by Cheryl Phan How to Make you Own Chalk Paint | Furniture Painting Tips by Cheryl Phan

Cheryl PhanHow to Make Your Own Chalk Type Paint

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