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Make Your Own Furniture Applique and Fix your Furniture

Most people would throw this desk in the trash but not me.  It may look complicated to fix the detailed scroll in the center drawer but I have a quick fix that anyone can do. YUP! Even you.

Cheryl PhanMake Your Own Furniture Applique and Fix your Furniture
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101 Catchy Blog Titles

Can’t figure out why no one’s opening your blog posts? Having catchy blog titles is the key to getting the reader’s attention.

Blog titles are the first thing they see, so make them catchy and irresistible. You need to grab your reader’s curiosity to make them want to open your blog.

Cheryl Phan101 Catchy Blog Titles
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31 Facebook Post Ideas to Fill Your Posting Calendar

Stuck on what to post on Facebook? Wish you had a list of Facebook post ideas?

To make it easy for you, I came up with a Facebook post ideas checklist and calendar that is very useful. It helped jog my memory when I was just having a DA! moment.

Cheryl Phan31 Facebook Post Ideas to Fill Your Posting Calendar
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Paint Tile Countertops in Three Easy Steps

 If you have outdated tile countertops and want to bring them back to life without demolishing your space, you’re going to be absolutely amazed at how easy it is to give your kitchen a fresh new look in just one day.

Cheryl PhanPaint Tile Countertops in Three Easy Steps
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Tile Floor Makeover

Imagine, NO demolition and NO mess! Most people are totally surprised when I tell them that I can paint over tile. But there are a few things you should know before you get started.

Cheryl PhanTile Floor Makeover
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Repurposed Boot Planter Ideas for Spring

Don’t throw away your hubby’s old work boots. They make an awesome planter!

I just love garage sales. What other people see as junk I see a treasure.

Cheryl PhanRepurposed Boot Planter Ideas for Spring
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How to create a Dirty Pour

This such an amazing technique. No two are ever alike.

You can create this on any flat surface. I did this on a plate charger that I bought in thrift store for 99 cents. I have also seen them in the Dollar Store. They also work well on framed canvas, lazy Susie’s and small table tops.

Cheryl PhanHow to create a Dirty Pour
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My Top Projects for 2017

Wow! Can’t believe 2017 is over. It feels like it goes by in a blink of an eye. There were so many great memories made, goals accomplished and ups and downs along the way. But, I must admit it was a fabulous year.  When I look back on all the furniture I painted, homes that were transformed, kids I made happy when they saw their room for the first time and clients who look in awe when I finished a job they commissioned me to do in their home, it makes all the work I did worth it.  

I’m looking forward to the new challenges for 2018 and the what the new year will bring.  I know God will guide and direct my life to for fill his purpose and the road he has designed for me.

After reflecting over the year, I want to share my top 10 Projects and Blog posts with you!

Cheryl PhanMy Top Projects for 2017
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How to Repair Rusty Garage door

There’s nothing worse that rust spots on your garage doors. If you see rust spots on your garage door, you should remove them immediately. If you let it go one for too long you will end up having to replace the entire door. Most of the time you can spot-treat the problem to prevent it from growing. Here are a few simple steps to repairing the rust on your garage door.

Cheryl PhanHow to Repair Rusty Garage door
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