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No Smudge Caulking

How to apply the perfect caulk line

Inevitably, when you apply molding of any kind to a wall you will end up with gaps. This is because the wall isn’t completely flat. The best way to give it that finished look is to apply a caulk line. The problem is, when you add the caulking it may come out thick and when you use your finger to smooth it out it will smudge on the wall and make a mess.

But I have the perfect solution.

Cheryl PhanNo Smudge Caulking
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YES! You Can Paint Wrought Iron

How to Paint Wrought Iron – It’s Super Easy

Check out this bed I painted in less than a day. You’re not going to believe how easy it is to transform this entire bed in less than a day.

Cheryl PhanYES! You Can Paint Wrought Iron
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Done In A Day

Create a fun room for your kids in one day

One of my favorite things to do is paint kids’ rooms. Watching them walk into their room for the first time is magical. Painting something as simple as this can have your child jumping for joy.

Cheryl PhanDone In A Day
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Update Your Furniture with Wallpaper in 2 Easy Steps

When I repurpose furniture, I like to add different elements to give it a custom look. Wallpaper is a great way to incorporate fun and creative textures without breaking the bank.

You won’t believe how easy it is!

Cheryl PhanUpdate Your Furniture with Wallpaper in 2 Easy Steps
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LusterStone – The Perfect Decorative Finish

If Walls Could Talk, This Beautiful Decorative Finish Would Be the Talk of the Town 


Certainly this technique is by far one of Interior Decorators and homeowners’ favorite decorative finish. The results are absolutely stunning and it’s especially beautiful on ceilings. For this reason, so many professional decorators and faux finishers rave about LusterStone decorative finish.

Cheryl PhanLusterStone – The Perfect Decorative Finish
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Telling Clients NO is Good, And How to Do It

STOP being the YES Girl and politely say NO to every request your client asks of you. It’s costing you money.

Do you say YES to every request your clients ask of you? Do you have a hard time telling clients NO when they ask you to do a favor? That was me until I learned to politely say NO.

Cheryl PhanTelling Clients NO is Good, And How to Do It
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Online Business Ideas for the 50+ Woman

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to start your own business

You don’t have to find the next best thing or do something no one else is doing to start a business. Nor do you need to come up with a new gadget or brilliant idea to have a successful business.

I’m sharing this with you because I talk to so many women who want to start a business but feel lost and don’t know what to do.

It’s a lot simpler than you think.

Cheryl PhanOnline Business Ideas for the 50+ Woman
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Create the Perfect Weathered Look with Chalky Paint

Before you throw away your old and outdated furniture, you NEED to see this incredible transformation creating weathered look furniture! 

Have you ever bought a piece of furniture that you loved when you bought it, but now it just doesn’t go with your new décor? This was one of those pieces. But not for long! Read on to see how I gave this the weathered look.

Cheryl PhanCreate the Perfect Weathered Look with Chalky Paint
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