How to get stubborn paint out of your clothes by Cheryl Phan

How to get paint out of your clothes

I can’t tell you how many times I ruined a good pair of pants or my favorite shirt because I got paint on them, and ended up using them as work clothes until I figured out a way to clean them.

I have a habit of wiping my hands on my clothes when I am working because I really don’t care what my work clothes look like, and to be perfectly honest, I’m too lazy to come down off the ladder to get a rag.

A couple of times, when I went to the studio to do a quick sample while wearing my good clothes, I inevitably wiped the paint on my favorite jeans. UGH!

Maybe you have kids that love to paint and have ruined their clothes while making an art project. Don’t throw them away just yet.

I tried using paint remover and other products, but that only made it worse. Then I found this handy trick.

I had to share it because I knew that I couldn’t be the only one with this problem.

This YouTube video got over 35K views and tons of comments from people that loved it and worked for them as well.

Check out the video

Here are some happy people that tried this painting hack

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How to get paint out of your clothes by Cheryl Phan