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Create the Perfect Weathered Look with Chalky Paint

Before you throw away your old and outdated furniture, you NEED to see this incredible transformation creating weathered look furniture! 

Have you ever bought a piece of furniture that you loved when you bought it, but now it just doesn’t go with your new décor? This was one of those pieces. But not for long! Read on to see how I gave this the weathered look.

Weathered Look Furniture-Before-Artzy Fartzy Creations

My client liked the functionality and size but the chippy finish just didn’t go with her new look. She wanted more of a beachy weathered look furniture piece and allowed me to get a little creative.  YAY! I love it when my clients trust my creativity.

Weathered Look Furniture-Sanding-Artzy Fartzy Creations

The paint was so thick and bumpy that I had to sand it down with 320 grit sandpaper.

Weathered Look Furniture-Painting-Artzy Fartzy Creations

After I sanded it, I painted the entire piece with a chocolate color chalk paint.  I like using a soft brush so I don’t get any brush marks.  I also like to dip the brush in water before I start to paint. It helps ensure a smoother finish. It’s a little trick I learned years ago.

Learn how to make your own chalk type paint:

Weathered Look Furniture-Paint Brush-Artzy Fartzy Creations

To get a nice weathered look I find its best to use an old chip brush. You want that inconsistency. Watch the video below to see how I apply the top coat.

How to distress furniture with a chip brush

Weathered Look Furniture-closeup-Artzy Fartzy Creations

The two panels on the doors needed something interesting and fun so I used this rice paper with leaves embedded into it on the panels. You can use any type of wallpaper you want.  I just happen to have a sheet of this paper in my studio and finally found a home for it.

The hardware is made of some bark I found in a store that sells recycled items. In the video below I demonstrate how to make 25 different knobs and drawer pulls. If you’re a DIYer, you’re going to love this video.

Learn how to make your own hardware HERE.

Weathered Look Furniture-After-Artzy Fartzy Creations

I hope this inspires you to take that old piece of furniture you’ve been thinking about painting and do something fun with it.

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Happy Painting!

Business Coach Cheryl Phan

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Cheryl PhanCreate the Perfect Weathered Look with Chalky Paint