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Tin Ceiling on a BUDGET

Looks Like The Real Thing

AF Faux Tin Ceiling copy

Inspired by the beauty of tin ceilings but don’t want to pay the high price of real tin? Not sure how to get the tin look without bankrupting your wallet? Would you like to learn how to get the Tin Ceiling on a budget? Read On! You won’t believe what this was made from. 

adminTin Ceiling on a BUDGET
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One Day DIY Project

Weekend Project



Looking for a weekend project? Look what I made in one day for about $25.  I love cheap projects, especially ones that I can do in one day. Take a look at what I did to this, you will never believe it was the same table.

adminOne Day DIY Project
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How To Choose a Paint Brush

Ever Wonder What Paint Brush to Use

Paint brushes

Are you stuck on how to choose a paint brush? Do you find yourself standing in the paint isle looking at a million brushes and can’t decide what one to buy? Although they may look alike they are very different and designed for a specific job and specific paints. Here are a couple of easy things to remember when selecting a paint brush.

adminHow To Choose a Paint Brush
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Cedar Wall Signs

DIY for Under $1.00

Cedar Sign

Cedar sign

Great gift idea for under $1.00!  I’m always looking for cheap craft ideas and this is just what I needed for my next project. An entire pallet of cedar shingles for only $10.00. I figured I could make at least 20 wall signs from that pallet, and that equate to about 50 cents each. Perfect little craft project if you’re on a budget.

adminCedar Wall Signs
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Repurpose Furniture Like a Pro!


Dumpster table BeforeThis

This blog will teach you how to Repurpose furniture like a Pro! There is nothing more rewarding than turning a dumpster find into elegant show piece.

adminRepurpose Furniture Like a Pro!
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How To Paint Veneer

Repurpose old furniture

Painting veneer may be a little work, but well worth the time. This table was given to a client of mine from a friend of hers. She liked the style of it buy wasn’t crazy about the oak finish. Her goal was to lighten it up and pop some color on it and turn this into a fun side table.

How to Paint Veneer

Before and After

adminHow To Paint Veneer
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Popular Paint Colors for 2016

Popular paint colors for 2016

Trending colors for 2016


So what are the popular paint colors for 2016?  You might be surprised.

adminPopular Paint Colors for 2016
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Computer Held Hostage for Ransom

My computer files where held hostage

Sorry it’s been a while since I have posted a blog. My computer files where held hostage for ransom.  I heard about this on TV but never thought it would happen to me. WELL,IT DID. UGH! You might want to read this so it doesn’t happen to you.

adminComputer Held Hostage for Ransom
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How to Paint a Strie Faux Finish

The strie technique mimics the look of centuries-old paint altered by dust and sun.

Strie blue

Strie Technique

Strie is created by dragging a brush through the glaze to create bristle marks that reveal the base color. Strie is also referred to as dragging.

adminHow to Paint a Strie Faux Finish
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How to clean dried up paint brushes

Learn how to get dried paint out of your brushes?

How to clean dried up paint brushes

Do your dried up paint brushes look like this?

Before you throw them away consider cleaning them. Paint brushes can be expensive; I’ve paid up to $100 for a paint brush. If you’re in the painting business this could add up to a huge expense over time. Even if you’re not a professional painter you should Learn how to clean dried up paint brushes and save yourself a lot of money. I use to throw brushes away until I learned this method. Do this if the Paint is dried onto the brush

Use distilled vinigar to clean dried up paint brushes

Distilled White Vinigar

adminHow to clean dried up paint brushes
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