23 Barndoors with a Unique Twist

Barndoors are all the craze, but you don’t have to live in the country or have a barn to incorporate this design into your home.

I found 23 doors online that will get your creative juices flowing and help you create your own personalized sliding barndoor.

admin23 Barndoors with a Unique Twist
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Painted Switch Plates

Tired of looking at those big white switch plates on your counter top and backsplash? You spent a lot of money upgrading your kitchen with beautiful granite and tile but now the first thing you see is big white switch plates. UGH! Well, you’re in luck because I’m going to show you how to disguise them.

adminPainted Switch Plates
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Whimsical Stenciled Ceiling


Sometimes my clients ask me to do the craziest things. This is what I LOVE about my job. No two projects are ever a like.

The creativity for this boarder came from a group of pictures and foot stool. You never know where your inspiration is going to come from.

adminWhimsical Stenciled Ceiling
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How To Paint Granite Counter Tops

Yes! You Can Paint Laminate

Faux Granite Counter Top

Believe it or not, you CAN PAINT laminate counter tops to look like granite!

I know that your kitchen is the most important room in your house and it is also the most expensive room to remodel. When my daughter and her husband moved into their first home they were in their early 20’s and didn’t have the $20,000 budget to remodel tithe kitchen.So we did the next best thing. We used PAINT!

There are a couple of tips to know before you get started……………

adminHow To Paint Granite Counter Tops
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Should you REPLACE, REFACE or PAINT your kitchen cabinets?

Before you decide you might want to read this

Not sure what to do? Read this before you make a decision. It could save you thousands of dollars.
Let’s face it your kitchen is one of the most visited areas of your house. We start out there in the morning for breakfast and end up there for dinner. In fact we spend more time in the kitchen than any other room in the house.
So what do you do when your kitchen cabinets that look like this?

adminShould you REPLACE, REFACE or PAINT your kitchen cabinets?
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Kitchen Makeover Ideas

You won't believe these kitchen makeover ideas are the same kitchen

AF 3 kitchens Blog

This kitchen has had three unbelievable makeovers. This is my daughter’s house when she first moved in 8 years ago. I re-did her kitchen 3 times. Every 3-4 years she decides she wants a new look. Lucky for her I’m in the faux finish business and the loving Mom that I am I can’t say no. Although it drives her husband crazy she’s happy to have a new kitchen every few years. Each transformation was created with just paint and a little creativity. If you’re looking for some Kitchen makeover ideas read on. You will be amazed at how one kitchen can look complete different with a little paint.

adminKitchen Makeover Ideas
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One Kitchen…. 3 Makeovers

AF 3 kitchens (1)

A mothers love is never ending. This is my daughter’s house she bought over 10 years ago when she first moved in. As you can see it’s very out-dated and needed some TLC.

adminOne Kitchen…. 3 Makeovers
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Is Faux Finishing Out Dated?

Not by a long shot, in fact it’s trending in all design styles!

Featured Picture
If faux was a thing of the past I would be out of business. What if I told you that my business is thriving and interior decorators are incorporating faux finishes into their designs all the time.

adminIs Faux Finishing Out Dated?
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How to choose the right paint color

How to pick the perect paint color everytime

This is one of the biggest problems I see when I meet with my clients. It can be a difficult decision to make and very over whelming for most. There is literally thousands of color to pick from. So before you get started ask yourself these 5 questions.

  1. How the color makes you feel. (Calm, Happy, Relaxed )
  2. Do you really like these colors or are you drawn to them because they’re new and trendy?
  3. Do they fit the style and purpose of your room?
  4. Can you live with them for a long time?
  5. What’s your style? Traditional, Country, Coastal Living, Modern…….
adminHow to choose the right paint color
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