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How to clean dried up paint brushes

Learn how to get dried paint out of your brushes?

How to clean dried up paint brushes

Do your dried up paint brushes look like this?

Before you throw them away consider cleaning them. Paint brushes can be expensive; I’ve paid up to $100 for a paint brush. If you’re in the painting business this could add up to a huge expense over time. Even if you’re not a professional painter you should Learn how to clean dried up paint brushes and save yourself a lot of money. I use to throw brushes away until I learned this method. Do this if the Paint is dried onto the brush

Use distilled vinigar to clean dried up paint brushes

Distilled White Vinigar

  Fill a glass with ¼ cup distilled white vinegar. Heat it in the microwave for about 1 ½ minutes, Place the dried out paint brushes in the hot vinegar. Set aside for about one hour swishing them around about every 15 minutes or so to help loosen up the old pant to clean dried up paint brushes.   If the paint is really stubborn, use a wire brush to remove it. You can also use a pet brush or a hair comb if you don’t have a wire brush.

Clear dried up brush with wire brush

Clean with a wire brush

Here are a few tips to avoid paint brush dilemma in the future Dampen you paint brushes before you start painting; this will help when cleaning them when you’re finished with your painting project. Wash your brush right away. Don’t let them sit with wet paint on them. If you need to take a break store your brush in a zip lock back for up to one day won’t hurt them. Here are a few other methods to clean dried up paint brushes

1. Oil-based paint use – mineral spirits

2. Water-based paint, such as acrylic, latex and water colors – use water

3. Shellac: use denatured alcohol

4. Check the product label to make sure it’s OK for the paint your using

5. Condition your brushes with the water and fabric softener method.


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How to clean dried up paint brushes | Painting Tips by Cheryl Phan of ArtzyFartzyCreations.com


Cheryl PhanHow to clean dried up paint brushes

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