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The Trick To Hanging Letters on a Wall Perfectly Straight

How many times would you have to measure these letters before you got them to hang perfectly straight?

Here’s how you hang letters on a wall in one easy step with just one piece of tape!

Hang Letter on a Wall by ArtzyFartzyCreations.com

Lay the letters out on the floor. Stick a piece of tape across the letters. Then use a screwdriver to make a hole where you want the nails to go.

Hang Letters on a Wall by ArtzyFartzyCreations.com

I hung the frame on the wall so I could see where to place the blue tape. Then I eyeballed the blue tape where I wanted to be in the frame. As you can see I had to move the tape a little further to the left so the letters would be even then I hung the letters.

Hang Letters on a Wall-by ArtzyFartzyCreations.com

A simple and easy way to hang letters on the wall.



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Hang Letters Perfectly Straight Every Time With This Easy Hack by ArtzyFartzyCreations.com


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Cheryl PhanThe Trick To Hanging Letters on a Wall Perfectly Straight

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