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How to Paint Cloud Ceilings

A ceiling accented with clouds and sky adds whimsy to the room, makes you feel relaxed, and creates a feeling of being outside.

Clouds are often painted on the ceiling of a nursery or a child’s room to enhance a decorative theme based on nature or fantasy, but clouds overhead can help a small room feel larger or a short ceiling appear taller. There’s no limit to where you can paint clouds.

If you’re thinking of painting clouds on a ceiling in your home, here are some tips to remember, as well as a video to help you bring the outside in!

1. Remove shades from light fixtures that may be in your way.

2. For an airy look, use a light sky-blue for the base color of the ceiling. One gallon covers about 350 square feet, so measure and buy accordingly.

3. Remove as much furniture from the room as possible. Painting the ceiling requires a lot of moving and repositioning the ladder. It’s best to have an empty space.

4. Place a drop cloth on the floor to prevent damage caused by paint drips.

5. Draw a sketch of your cloudy ceiling, so you have a guide line of what you want it to look like. Larger clouds in the center and smaller clouds towards the edges create the illusion that the ceiling is slightly lower in the center. A random array of sizes look more natural as though you’re lying on the ground looking up at a patch of sky.

6. A little paint goes a long way. All you need to buy is one quart glaze, a sample size pure white paint and light gray paint to make the clouds.

Painted Clouds on Ceilings & Walls | Cheryl Phan

This ceiling was in a formal living room. As you can see this ceiling started out with a green color and it just didn’t do much for he space. After painting the sky and  clouds, I knew it needed more depth and was missing an element, so we added the baluster to give it that finishing touch

Here is the side-by-side of the ceiling with painted clouds. What a light and airy transformation!

Painted Clouds on Ceilings & Walls Before and After | Cheryl Phan

Here are some more ideas of ways to add painted clouds to ceilings.

Painted Clouds on Ceilings & Walls | Cheryl Phan

Believe it or not, this ceiling was in a kitchen. but it would also look great in a study or den to create warmth and bring nature into your space. There are no rules to where to paint clouds on ceilings,

Painted Clouds on Ceilings & Walls | Cheryl PhanThese painted clouds were created on a dining room ceiling and  I added a heart-shaped rod iron to enhance the space. Simple but elegant!

Painted Clouds on Ceilings & Walls | Cheryl Phan

These whimsical clouds and butterfly overlook a bath tub in the master on-suite. Imagine enjoying a bubble bath and gazing up at a beautiful blue sky. Awwwww!

Are you ready to paint some clouds on your ceiling? If so here’s a Tutorial on how to paint clouds with the woolly tool.

I hope you found this helpful. If you’re looking for more decorating ideas visit me on Pinterest. For more painting ceiling ideas, check out my previous posts: Stunning CeilingsTin Ceilings on a Budgetand Whimsical Stenciled Ceiling.

I hope this inspires you to paint your ceilings!

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Cheryl Phan

Painted Clouds on Ceilings and Walls | Cloud Ceilings | How to paint clouds on murals | Painted Ceiling Ideas | Cheryl Phan of ArtzyFartzyCreations.com    Painted Clouds on Ceilings and Walls | Cloud Ceilings | How to paint clouds on murals | Painted Ceiling Ideas | Cheryl Phan of ArtzyFartzyCreations.com



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