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Whimsical Stenciled Ceiling


Sometimes my clients ask me to do the craziest things. This is what I LOVE about my job. No two projects are ever a like.

The creativity for this boarder came from a group of pictures and foot stool. You never know where your inspiration is going to come from.

Take your ceiling from UMM to YUM!

kitchen-ceilingKitchen ceiling after

When I met my client for the consultation he didn’t know what he wanted, he just knew that it had to make a statement. So we decided to walk around the house to look for inspirational objects. It didn’t take long before he found this foot stool. This is where the design concept came from.

Foot stool

The colors were inspired by these pictures hanging on the back splash in the kitchen.

Kitchen Ceiling pictures for inspiration

Now the challenge was to incorporate the two on the knee wall in the tray ceiling.

To create the geometric design, I just took blue tape and applies it to the wall in a random fashion, using different designs and sizes. I painted every other design in a variety of colors. When they dried I painted the adjacent geometric design until they where all filled in.


Next I gathered up a variety of stencils I had on hand. My favorite place to buy stencils is Cutting Edge Stencils.There are tons of stencil patterns to choose from.


There’re a few little tricks about stenciling  to know before you get started. So I attached a video from Cutting Edge Stencils for you to view, Click on the link below



And there you have it, a creative design harmoniously unified by color.

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