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Tissue Paper Wall Finish in 4 Easy Steps

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Believe it or not I created this wall with tissue paper, YUP! The same stuff you wrap your gifts with. In fact, I bought the tissue paper at the Dollar store. This faux finish is not only easy to do it is also budget friendly.

The best part about this technique vs wallpaper is, you don’t see the seams and it’s a lot less expensive. Here are the 4 easy steps to creating this yourself.

#1: Separate the tissue paper and roll it up in a ball. Make a bunch before you start to apply it to the wall.

#2: With a roller, apply wall paper paste to a 4×4 area. Unroll the tissue and lay it gently on the wall starting in the corner. Use a soft brush and VERY lightly brush over the tissue to flatten it down and get all the air out. Let dry over night. 

#3: Paint the entire area with white eggshell paint. Any brand will do.

#4: Mix 2 parts glaze to 2 parts metallic paint and rub on the wall in a circular motion with a car sponge. DO NOT use a heavy hand or you may tear the tissue paper. Let dry.

And that’s it, YOU’RE DONE

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Cheryl PhanTissue Paper Wall Finish in 4 Easy Steps