Metallic Wall Finish

How to Paint a Textured Metallic Wall Finish

If you love textured walls, you’re going to love this textured metallic wall finish my friend and amazing faux finishing artist (Jodi Lee) showed me. This metallic wall finish looks like a shimmering waterfall. The beautiful thing about creating a wall finish instead of using wallpaper you don’t have any seams.

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Textured Metallic Wall Finish by Cheryl Phan

Here’s the tutorial on how you can create a textured metallic wall finish yourself.


Step #1: Apply the Joint Compound

The first thing you need to do is apply joint compound about 1/8 “ thick.  Make sure you cover it completely. You can find it at any home improvement store.

Use a trowel like this to apply the joint compound. The squared edge will help you get in the corners.

Textured Metallic Wall Finish by Cheryl Phan

Step #2: Create the Texture

While the product is still wet use this rake  or you can also use a wallpaper brush to create the texture. Start at the top and drag the desired tool in a vertical motion. Clean it often. You will never get a perfect line so don’t worry. Go over it lightly until you get the desired look you want.

Step #3: Sand the Wall

Once the textured wall has dried overnight, use a sanding block to sand down the peaks. Don’t over sand. You just want to smooth out the wall.

Step #4: Prime

After your done sanding the walls, it’s time to prime them. DON’T skip this step. It’s important that you prime the wall before you apply the paint. This will help seal it and you won’t have to use as much paint in the last step. You can purchase this at any hardware store

Step #5: Paint with Metallic Paint

This is the last step. Roll on the paint just like you would when painting any other wall. I used Metallic paint because I wanted it to have that shimmer effect. You can use regular paint if you prefer.

If you want to paint it in metallic, Faux Effects has a great selection of colors. Check them out here.

This wall was painted in a pretty teal color and it looks beautiful.

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