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How to Stain Wood with Vinegar

Nothing ceases to amaze me. I’ve been staining wood for years and though I’ve tried just about every technique out there. NOPE! This was totally new to me.  Who would have ever thought of combining vinegar and steel wool to make a stain? Check it out.

How to Stain Wood with Vinegar Cheryl Phan Supplies

I used an old glass jar and ripped up small pieces of steel wool and placed them in the jar. Then I pour in the vinegar covering the steel wool and let it sit overnight, abut 24 hours. It looks kind of like ice tea and smells like vinegar. It’s not bad, I’ve worked with stains that smell so bad I had to open the window or work outside.

Check out my step-by-step video

I must say, I’m pretty impressed the way it came out. The color looks very natural and the grain looks amazing. I would, however, seal it with a clear coat  to protect it. I recommend using Faux Store’s C-500 Water-based Top Coat.

How to Stain Wood with Vinegar Cheryl Phan

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How to Stain Wood using Vinegar - Wood Stain Furniture by Cheryl Phan | Furniture Painting TIps | Furniture Makeover


Cheryl PhanHow to Stain Wood with Vinegar

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