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Painted Bed Tray

Bed trays are a bedroom must have. Whether you like working from the comfort of your bed or you’re lucky enough to have someone serve you breakfast in bed, a tray is a must have in your bedroom décor.

It’s multi-functional as well. I can use it to place my laptop on, lift it up to hold a book and I can sit in bed and eat my meal. Plus, it looks pretty sitting on the bed.

As many of you know I love thrift store finds. If you’re looking for a bed tray you can most likely find one in a thrift store, Goodwill, Salvation Army Store or a consignment shop. They have them in all styles and sizes.

Painted Bed Tray Cheryl Phan

What I love about this one is, it lifts so I can lay my book on it while I’m reading in bed. The only thing I had to do is change the color and add a pattern to the top to go with my bedroom décor.

Painted Bed Tray Suppies Cheryl Phan

This was an easy fix. I simply primed the entire piece with spray primer. Let it dry for 30 minutes. Then sprayed it with this gray spray paint and let it dry another 30 minutes.

Then I laid the coral stencil on top and applied white paint with this sponge roller. Here’s a little trick when applying the paint. Off load the paint onto a paper towel so that there is very little paint on the roller when you roll over the stencil. This will keep it from bleeding through.

You spend a lot of time in bed so why not enjoy it? And if you don’t spend enough time in bed, maybe this painted bed tray will encourage you to relax with a good book and a cup of tea.
AF Painted Bed Tray Before-After Cheryl Phan

Painted Bed Tray Supplies

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Cheryl PhanPainted Bed Tray

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