How to Paint Faux Brick

Painting Faux Brick is an easy technique and very inexpensive to create. I will admit, it is a little time consuming, but worth the time and effort you put into it.

It looks so real, you will have to walk up to it and touch it and even then, you’ll stand there scratching your head.

How to Paint Faux Brick - Cheryl Phan

Here is the room before & after!

Faux Brick Supplies

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  • ¼ Tape or 12mm Tape for grout line (your choice)
  • Tape measure
  • Chalk (art Supply Store)
  • Sea Sponge
  • Assorted paint colors for brick (home Improvement Store)
  • Primer tinted Gray
  • Joint Compound (Drywall mud) (Home Improvement Store)

Step #1:

Paint the wall with tinted Primer. I use a primer instead of paint because I want the drywall mud to have a good adhesion.

How to Paint Faux Brick - Cheryl Phan

Measure the width of the brick from one end of the wall to the other.

How to Paint Faux Brick - Cheryl Phan

Step #2:

Measure the width of the brick and add the tape to the wall from ceiling to floor.

Don’t worry about the lines being perfectly straight. It will look more authentic if they are a little off.

Faux Brick Wall

Apply small strips of tape to create each brick. Notice they are lined up in the middle of the brick on the bottom.

Faux Brick

Step #3

Apply the dry wall mud about 1/4“ thick with a spatula or trowel. Remove the drywall mud so you can see the tape. (This will be removed later).  Let dry completely.

Faux Brick

To create different textures while the plaster is still wet.  Use the spatula and other tools such as, a textured roller, knife and anything else you find in your tool chest that might make interesting textures.

Step #4

If you don’t have leftover paint in your garage that you can use, buy sample paint or OOPS paint at your local hardware store. I used a combination of 6 different colors to create my brick wall. I would suggest going online and look up different brick walls to find the one that you like the best to help with color selections.

Make some bricks darker than others and just play with the colors. It’s a lot of fun and you will see your wall come to life right before your eyes.

How to Paint Faux Brick - Cheryl Phan

Step #5

Once you’re done painting the entire wall, remove the tape. You might need a pick to pull the tape away from the wall.

How to Paint Faux Brick - Cheryl Phan

Then sit back and enjoy your beautiful wall.

Faux Brick

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