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One Kitchen…. 3 Makeovers

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A mothers love is never ending. This is my daughter’s house she bought over 10 years ago when she first moved in. As you can see it’s very out-dated and needed some TLC.

I re-did her kitchen 3 times in the last 10 years. Every 3-4 years she decides she wants a new look, so who does she call MOM! But, I must say; I’m always happy to do it. It’s amazing how this kitchen can look completely different with just paint!
This is the kitchen before she moved in.

Tina's Kitchen #1

The first transformation she wanted an Old World feel with brick break-away, freshly painted cabinets and faux granite. The brick took the longest to do because we ripped the tape so the grout line didn’t have a straight edge, giving it a more authentic look.

Cabinets refinished

The second transformation she wanted a contemporary look with wood grained cabinets with a fresh coat of paint on the walls. As you can see on the cabinets we replaced the knobs with a brushed nickel single knob and to save $250 I painted the hinges.

Tina's Kitchen #3

The third and hopefully final transformation her new look is more of a Coastal Living theme. I painted the cabinets back to white, changed the hardware, re-did the counter tops in gray and white faux granite and painted the walls in beige color. She also laid new tile that looks like wood on the floor. I told her there is so much paint in this room, that if a hurricane ever came through; this room would never move.

Tinas kitchen #3

It just goes to show with a little paint and a little work you can totally transform the same room and get a completely different look. Hope you enjoyed my transformations.

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Cheryl PhanOne Kitchen…. 3 Makeovers