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No Smudge Caulking

How to apply the perfect caulk line

Inevitably, when you apply molding of any kind to a wall you will end up with gaps. This is because the wall isn’t completely flat. The best way to give it that finished look is to apply a caulk line. The problem is, when you add the caulking it may come out thick and when you use your finger to smooth it out it will smudge on the wall and make a mess.

But I have the perfect solution.

How to get a no-smudge caulk line

Here’s a great hack I learned a long time ago. Run a piece of tape along the edge of the molding. It may be an extra step, but it is well worth the extra time.

How to get a no-smudge caulk line

Then apply a small amount of caulking along the edge. Use a damp rag or your finger to smooth it out.

How to produce a no-smudge caulk line

Remove the tape immediately.

There you have it, a perfect line without the smudgy mess. This works well on bathtubs and sinks as well.

How to produce a no-smudge caulk line

Perfect caulk line. No smudging, no mess.

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How to Apply the Perfect Caulk Line by Cheryl Phan @ ArtzyFartzyCreations.com

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