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You won't believe these kitchen makeover ideas are the same kitchen

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This kitchen has had three unbelievable makeovers. This is my daughter’s house when she first moved in 8 years ago. I re-did her kitchen 3 times. Every 3-4 years she decides she wants a new look. Lucky for her I’m in the faux finish business and the loving Mom that I am I can’t say no. Although it drives her husband crazy she’s happy to have a new kitchen every few years. Each transformation was created with just paint and a little creativity. If you’re looking for some Kitchen makeover ideas read on. You will be amazed at how one kitchen can look complete different with a little paint.

Kitchen Makeover before

Kitchen Makeover before

This is the first transformation! These cabinets where in desperate need of a change. Replacing them was not an option. This was their first home and as a newly married couple that was not in the budget. As a professional Faux Finisher I knew there were many option to make this kitchen look beautiful and functional. The cabinets where in good condition they were just a little outdated, well maybe a lot outdated. I painted the counter to tops resemble granite and they looked amazing. (and yes you can paint your counter tops) The cabinets where painted white and I even painted the hardware to complete the fresh new look, plus it saved us $250 verses replacing them. All the walls were faux finished in a brick brake away to give the kitchen a warm Tuscan feel.

Kitchen Makeover old world

Old World kitchen makeover

The second transformation! About three years later she decided she wanted to go a little more contemporary. As you can see the cabinets where wood grained and the hardware was changed a bit. I filled in one of the hole on the knobs and bought single nickel plated knobs at Home Depot and kept the hinges. The counter tops stayed the same and the walls where painted a soft yellow tone. I can’t believe it’s the same kitchen.

Kitchen Makeover contemporary

Contemporary Kitchen Makeover

The Third Transformation! I hope this is the last, seriously! I told my daughter every time she paints this kitchen she’s loosing square footage. When she decided to go with a coastal living look, I thought her husband was going to lose it. He liked it with the brick brake away and wasn’t on board for yet another makeover. So while they were on a cruise we decided that I would come to her house and I would redo the kitchen before they came home. As you can see I repainted the cabinets back to white UGH!  and also repainted the counter top in gray and white granite. The walls of course where painted once again in a beige color.  They also laid tile floors that look like wood to complete the upgrade.

Kitchen Makeover Coastal Living

Coastal Living Kitchen Makeover

It just goes to show that you don’t have to replace your cabinets and counter tops and spend thousands of dollars to upgrade your kitchen. Each one of these Kitchen Makeovers cost less than $500 and took about five days to complete. If you’re interested in seeing more kitchen makeover ideas follow me on Pinterest. You can also find me on facebook


Kitchen Makeover Ideas

Cheryl PhanKitchen Makeover Ideas