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How to Embellish with Gilt Cream

Look at all the things you can do with Gilt Cream!

This is a perfect product to highlight detailed and raised surfaces. It’s super easy and a very inexpensive way to give your furniture a pop of color.

Gilt Cream is made of a mica powder and wax and can be applied with a piece of cheese cloth or a brush. I have also used it on some stencil projects. This little bottle goes a long way. Here’s where you can get gilt cream. (My Affiliate Link) It comes in many silver, gold, bronze and many other colors.

Here are a few Gilt Cream projects I demonstrated in my video below: 

Painting with Gilt Cream | Cheryl Phan

If you really like your lighting but just want to change the color, this is a great alternative.

Painting with Gilt Cream | Cheryl Phan

Painting with Gilt Cream | Cheryl Phan

Before you buy new hardware, try this technique! It could save you a lot of money.

Painting with Gilt Cream | Cheryl Phan

I bought this picture frame at the thrift store for $2.00.  I added a rust finish and then topped it off with gold gilt cream.

You can even use it on cabinet doors. The sky’s the limit.

Look how easy to use Gilt Cream! In this video, I’ll show you these gold home decor items.

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How to use gilt cream to make gold home decor | Painting tips by Cheryl Phan

Cheryl PhanHow to Embellish with Gilt Cream

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