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                   “Paint du Coco” chalk paint

End Table BeforeEnd Table After swiss Chocolate base, Pure Silk top, clear wax             I found this old end table at a consignment shop and couldn’t resist rescuing it  It’s like going to the SPCA and finding the ugliest puppy, but for some reason you fall in love with it and know that when you take it home and give it a bath it will look beautiful. That’s how I feel when I find old furniture. I know that sooner or later I’ll find the perfect finish for it and give it a new home. If you want to know my secret to transforming old furniture Click HERE I was recently introduced to the most amazing chalk paint called “Paint Du Coco”. It’s  so easy to use and looks amazing when you’re done. It literally took me about two hours to complete this project. Start to finish with drying time. Here’s what I used:

  1. Swiss Chocolate for the base -one Pint   Swiss Chocolate
  2. Pure Silk for the top coat- one pint   Pure Silk
  3. Tuff Clear Wax  over entire table   Wax
  4. 2″ Oval Brush & Wax Bruch   2' Brush       Wax Brush
  5. Rags (White T-Shirt)
  6. Cheese Cloth
  7. Scrub pad

Here’s what I did

  1. Clean and dry the furniture before painting (TSP) works well
  2. Using your 2″ Oval Brush paint the entire piece of furniture with your base color (I used Swiss Chocolate) Let Dry
  3. Using your 2″ Oval Brush paint the entire piece of furniture with your top color (I used Pure Silk)  Let dry
  4. Wet your scrub pad and lightly rub an area on your project (The water will start to remove the paint) Remove the water with a clean cloth and lightly rub until the paint starts to come off, try to remove the paint in nature areas that get worn with age, like around the edges and raised areas. You can take off as much or as little as you want.
  5. Last step: Using your wax brush Tap the brush into your wax. (DO NOT OVER LOAD WITH WAX) Press brush into the furniture piece and apply wax in a circular motion. Buff out before it dries (while it’s still wet) with the cheese cloth.

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Have a Blessed Day! Cheryl

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