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Closet Converted to Office for Under $35

Office in a Box

This closet was converted into an office for under $35.00. I call it my office in a box.

I recently moved and didn’t have an extra room for my office so I took one of the closets and turned it into my office in a box.

Contact Paper Shelf

I bought a piece of wood at Home depot and originally stained it but decided to cover it in contact paper I bought at the Dollar Tree.

Closet After

The first thing I did is decide how many shelves I wanted and how far apart they needed to be. Then I measured the area and cut a piece of wood for the shelf and  two pieces of wood to to hold up the shelf. Just a little FYI, make sure you cut the wood so that it fits snug, other wise the shelf will be wobbly. I screwed the wood into the wall and placed the shelf on top.

closet after

As you can see I added shelves on both sides to hold my office supplies and hung a peg board on the wall for my notes. It only took a couple of hours to complete the project. I can’t believe how easy and inexpensive it was to create an office in a box. What I really like is, everything is tucked away neatly and I can shut the door at the end of the day.

Cheryl Phan

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Cheryl PhanCloset Converted to Office for Under $35