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Bring Home the Beach

Give your dining room table a creative twist with waves of colors for an amazing coastal vibe

Can you believe I bought this table at a consignment shop for only $50?  What a score! Because I’m going with a coastal look, I have decided to paint it. But, not just any paint. I have bigger plans for this table.  Wait until you see this transformation.

Bring Home the Beach - Cheryl Phan @ ArtzyFartzyCreations.com

Check this out! I bought all four chairs at a thrift store for $53. I was surprised to see that they are were from Restoration Hardware. Another Score! You never know what you will find in in a second-hand store.

I painted the chairs and the base of the table with white chalk paint.  Learn how to make your own chalk paint here.

Bring Home the Beach - Cheryl Phan @ ArtzyFartzyCreations.com

Is this the coolest table ever! I can’t believe how amazing this came out. I must admit, I was a little nervous doing this. All of my other projects were much smaller in scale so wasn’t sure how this was going to come out.

Instead of writing down each step, I created a video for you to watch.  It’s so much easier to watch someone do it than it is reading directions.

To create this beautiful tabletop Watch this Step-By-Step Video

Here’s what you will need:

Elmer’s glue
Paint ( 4-5) colors You can buy sample sizes at your home improvement store
Stir sticks
Plastic cups

Bring Home the Beach by Cheryl Phan @ ArtzyFartzyCreations.com

Check out this close up. I love the movement and colors.

Every time you do this it will come out completely different. It has a mind of its own.

Bring Home the Beach by Cheryl Phan @ ArtzyFartzyCreations.com

Now that’s a transformation. My all-in cost for the table and chairs was $103.00. And the cost of supplies I’m going to guess it at about $ 50.00. Where on earth would you buy a table like this for $153.00?

This is why I LOVE DIYing!

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Cheryl Phan

Happy Painting!


img src=”https://artzyfartzycreations.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/AF-Pin-this-Final-Version-300×150.png” alt=”Pinterest Cheryl Phan” />

Table Makeover with a coastal vibe by Cheryl Phan @ ArtzyFartzyCreations.com

Cheryl PhanBring Home the Beach