Faux Finishing

Lilly Pulitzer Themed Bookshelf

Lilly Pulitzer purse

When decorating a room we look at many different things for inspiration. Most of the time it’s a picture we saw in a magazine, colors in a painting hanging on the wall or a print from a pillow tossed on the bed. My client Lisa had another vision.

Cheryl PhanLilly Pulitzer Themed Bookshelf
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MY TOP 6 Faux Finishes for 2015

I thought I’d share my TOP 6 FINISHES I created in 2015!

Wow, I can’t believe we’re already through the first month of 2016. I’m still wondering where 2015 went.

Cheryl PhanMY TOP 6 Faux Finishes for 2015
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How to Paint a Strie Faux Finish

The strie technique mimics the look of centuries-old paint altered by dust and sun.

Strie blue

Strie Technique

Strie is created by dragging a brush through the glaze to create bristle marks that reveal the base color. Strie is also referred to as dragging.

Cheryl PhanHow to Paint a Strie Faux Finish
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Kitchen Makeover Ideas

You won't believe these kitchen makeover ideas are the same kitchen

AF 3 kitchens Blog

This kitchen has had three unbelievable makeovers. This is my daughter’s house when she first moved in 8 years ago. I re-did her kitchen 3 times. Every 3-4 years she decides she wants a new look. Lucky for her I’m in the faux finish business and the loving Mom that I am I can’t say no. Although it drives her husband crazy she’s happy to have a new kitchen every few years. Each transformation was created with just paint and a little creativity. If you’re looking for some Kitchen makeover ideas read on. You will be amazed at how one kitchen can look complete different with a little paint.

Cheryl PhanKitchen Makeover Ideas
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Who Needs Wallpaper

Who needs wallpaper when you can use a stencil?

Create an elegant and sophisticated design on an accent wall or wrap it around the entire room.

This all-over stencil is easy to use and is a fraction of the price of wallpaper. Read on and I’ll show you where to buy the stencil and a free video to learn how to stencil if you have never stenciled before.

Chevron with signature

Cheryl PhanWho Needs Wallpaper
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Budget Friendly Bathroom Makeover


Bathrooms don’t have to cost a small fortune to make a huge change. If your bathroom is structurally in good condition you can update it with a minimal cost. Take this bathroom built in 1988, some would look at this and immediately want to rip it out and start from scratch. The problem is, it can cost 5,000+ and sometimes it’s just not in the budget. So, What’s the solution?

Cheryl PhanBudget Friendly Bathroom Makeover
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Best Earring Display Ever!


I had so many earring I never wore because they were just thrown in a draw and I could never find the matching earing. I decided to make this display out of an old picture frame so I could see all my jewelry. Plus it looks really nice on my wall, not to mention it’s so much faster getting dressed in the morning. And best of all it’s super easy to make!

Jewlery Frame #5

Let me show you how I made it.

Cheryl PhanBest Earring Display Ever!
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Repurposed Filing Cabinet

Turn Trash to Treasure

I can think of so many things you could do with this filing cabinet. This would make a great cabinet to use  in your bathroom for all your hair products and makeup or prop it up in the corner of your kitchen and store pot holders, kitchen towels and utensils, what about using it in your laundry room. For under $30 you can refinish and repurpose this old piece of furniture and give it a new home.

File Cabinet before

Cheryl PhanRepurposed Filing Cabinet
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6 Tips to Painting PERFECT STRIPES Every Time!

I’m going to share my 6 tips on how to paint PERFECT stripes every time.

I’m also going to share with you how to measure the room so your stripes will end up perfect symmetrical horizontal and vertical stripes.

Cheryl Phan6 Tips to Painting PERFECT STRIPES Every Time!
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