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I am cordially inviting you to join my FREE Facebook group “Ask Cheryl Phan”.

I started Ask Cheryl Phan FB Group in June of 2016 because my followers were asking me questions via email, messenger and through other social media platforms so I decided to have one hub where people can go to ask me questions. I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything. If you’re a maker. painter, DIYer, artist, or creative entrepreneur you need to be there.

I LOVE helping women 50+ turn their hobbies into a business and creating a beautiful home on a budget. (if you’re under 50, no worries; you’re always welcome) This group is a starting point for business owners and entrepreneur that have a hobby and love making and creating beautiful things and are interested in learning how to make extra money as a side hustle before joining my paid group Empowering Women.

You will be connected with a community of like-minded women just like you who want to connect, share and learn business tips and share creative business ideas. I visit the group weekly sharing business tips, decorative painting techniques and encouraging support to help you move from hobbyist to business owner. Welcome! I look forward to getting to know you.

Join here

I look forward to seeing you in the group.



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Welcome to Ask Cheryl Phan Facebook Group

Cheryl PhanWelcome to Ask Cheryl Phan